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Eisbein a Go-Go

Hello, am in Berlin at allemande's house. She is looking after me and has not sold me to Communists or pushed me into a river yet. In return, I have only publicly embarrassed her by drinking funny coloured beer once (and even then fairly discreetly). Mainly we have been eating a lot and drinking hot beverages and making loud noises that scare the upper classes. Today we had a walk in the park in the pitch dark and didn't bump into any trees (yay). Tomorrow we are going to examine the state of the German economy insofar as it relates to shoes and bras, finish our research into the microbiology of the Sachertorte, and then I am going to go home (boo to the last part).

We have not howled or done the Bilbo Baggins dance yet.

There is still time.
Tags: travel
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