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" there is a good side to osteoporosis after all!"

Had a highly entertaining night out at the theatre, seeing Acorn Antiques: the Musical with wheeler (and I do hope that he makes that icon he was talking about). I must confess, I was a little iffy about it at the start, when a large section of the audience were cackling very loudly at what seemed like nothing much, but I warmed to it more and more as it went on and got sillier and sillier. The bits that spoof other musicals are especially amusing (cf. the Les Mis moment, tee hee). And yeah, the second half is a bit too long and I could have lived without the "straight" number, but generally speaking it is ace. Hooray!

It did make me think that there should be more tap-dancing generally, in real life. In fact, I'm thinking of spending this weekend in sequinned tights, bursting into song and dance numbers every few minutes. I'll let you all know how that one goes. A-one, two, three, four....
Tags: culture and art
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