Red Scharlach (redscharlach) wrote,
Red Scharlach

A report from the ramparts of EMPIRE

And now, a sporadic new feature, intended to take a look at the ever-quickening erosion of the English language into nasty Netspeak, i.e. the sort of thing people of taste (such as yourselves, I am sure) would want to discourage wholeheartedly. Today's example comes from The Guardian (yes, it's a tough job, readers, but I do it for you), in which I happened to notice a column that described last Monday as "the worst day in the world EVAH".

I mean, honestly. Was this written by an illiterate fourteen-year-old from Fleabiscuit, Arkansas? No, it was not. Was it written by an overpaid twentysomething Shoreditchite trying to be all "clever" and "ironic"? Well, I can't say for certain, but I strongly suspect it was, don't you?

I realize that this was a first-person column, but how long before this sort of thing starts sneaking its way into front-page stories? How long before we're reading headlines saying "The situation on the ground in Iraq totally SUX", or "Blair reveals ROXIN plan for crime reduction. W00t!"

I shudder to think, readers, I really do....
Tags: empire
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