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When I'm bored, I'll bite anything

Ten things I've done. Whether you have done them or not is immaterial.
  • Had a well-known TV critic of a national British newspaper refer to me by name as a "Marxist pseud" in his column. (Thank you, Mr Bushell.)
  • Spent 44 minutes taped inside a large cardboard box in my own living room (in front of a live audience to boot).
  • As a sequel to the above, stood on Tower Bridge, holding up a sign with an arrow pointing at David Blaine's box and the word "Wuss" written on it.
  • Spent one miserable Christmas night throwing up everything I'd eaten that day (which, since it was Christmas, was quite a lot) in reverse order, due to gastric flu.
  • Scoured the text of Nietzsche's Ecce Homo in search of anything that could feasibly be used as a chat-up line. (And found one.)
  • Learned how to make excellent soufflés that never sink. (Thank you, St Delia.)
  • Made felt dolls of Mulder and Scully and used them for several consecutive years as fairy substitutes on the top of my Christmas tree.
  • Discussed Machiavelli in my lunch-hour with the bloke who played Garak in Deep Space Nine.
  • Discovered that it's impossible to lie on a Le Corbusier chaise longue and drink a cup of tea at the same time. (So don't try it, kids.)
  • Accidentally walked backwards into some guy's wheelchair in a video shop, and realized a couple of minutes later that it was Professor Stephen Hawking. (Sorry, Steve...)
Tags: memes, real life
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