Red Scharlach (redscharlach) wrote,
Red Scharlach

B*A*P*S: Takin' It To The Street

Poem Wot Tackles Issues of Modern Urban Angst and Bad Town-Planning

When outside my office it is miserable and truly wet
I sit staring out the window like an aging Juliet
It's not fair Verona that I'm gazing on when I do this
But a nasty concrete building, and a street that smells of piss
(Please note – I'm not slagging off this city, which I love a lot;
Just the bit I have to look at from my desk, which ain't so hot)
Now, I do not usually look out and think "Oh, woe me." No.
But today I watched the street and wondered "Where's my Romeo?"
Then, I realized, if by chance a handsome bloke should wander past,
This is not the scenery in which to forge a love to last.
If perchance he glanced up at my window and caught sight of me,
If he didn't watch his step, he'd trip and hit a stunted tree,
Or he'd miss me 'cause some homeless bloke was trying to cadge a fag,
Or his sight would be obstructed by a flying plastic bag,
And confused, he'd stumble and get run down by a speeding truck,
Or he'd step in dog shit and he'd storm off yelling "Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!"
Or the pushers in the phone box might jump out and sell him crack,
Or he'll take a gander at the shitty street I work in, and he won't come back.
Sad to say, romance walks by as frequently as Halley's comet,
So on most days, all I see is scrawny pigeons eating vomit....
Tags: london, poems by me
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