Red Scharlach (redscharlach) wrote,
Red Scharlach

That's entertainment

You may be under the impression that when I go for a while without posting, it is because I am either a) out doing terribly thrilling and glamorous things, or b) scribbling away drawing more Harry Potter characters in ridiculous outfits and/or writing satirical verse about fandom excesses which I am shortly about to share with you, the viewing public.

I am sorry to tell you that my current period of relative quietness is not due to either of these things. It's much more boring than that.

I'm afraid I am watching the telly.

Bad telly, in the main. Terrible, trashy, enjoyable telly. Usually I'm a picky little madam about what televisual offerings I am willing to make time for, but at the moment I am shamelessly delighting in large helpings of the stuff that's very very bad for you, with a high fatty calorie content and almost no nourishing vitamins and minerals. There's Casanova, ER, The Apprentice, Silly Programme, Fingersmith and Desperate Housewives. And on Friday there's going to be Playing It Straight, which looks appallingly tacky (so of course I'll be taping every episode). And then the Friday after that, the lovely Derren returns. I am simply beset by temptation!

Mind you, anyone who catches me in front of Property Ladder and/or Supernanny tomorrow night has got permission to call the emergency services. Ignore my screams as they carry me away. It's for my own good...
Tags: telly
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