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Corrections and clarifications

Despite press reports that you may have heard to the contrary, I would like to make it clear that my plan to not get married on Friday has not changed. Risking the possibility of a worldwide outcry and conflicts in media coverage, I mean to stand by my original decision and still fully intend not to get married on that day. However, I would like to point out that I will also not be getting married on Saturday, and that a wedding featuring me will definitely not be taking place either before, during or after the Grand National.

And while I have your attention, could I additionally point out that I will not be:
a) running in the Grand National (*)
b) running for election on 5th May (**)
c) running in the London Marathon
d) running off after one series due to worries about typecasting
e) running away with the fairies (***)

(*) Unless I can find someone who fits into the back half of the horse costume.
(**) Which reminds me: I'm holding a revolution on 6th May. We'll be marching on Parliament, so everyone wear sensible shoes and remember to bring a packed lunch.
(***) Mainly because the fairies are scared of me.
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