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Somewhat belated film meme, at the request of casfic:

1. Number of films owned on dvd & video.
A rather pathetic total of 9 DVDs (most of which were presents) and 20-odd videos (most of which I've had for aeons) – and not all of those count, since some of them are TV series. And also a rag-tag pile of taped-off-the-telly films. But generally I'm just not into rewatching films. Even if it's good, once is usually enough – I might re-watch it a couple of years later if it's on TV or something, but I usually remember it so clearly that watching it again is a bit superfluous. Is that strange of me?

2. Last film I bought.
Intacto, an excellent Spanish film I saw a couple of years ago and bought only because I saw the DVD on special offer. But I bought it several months back and I don't think I've even taken the cellophane off it. *checks* No, cellophane still on. But it's there if I get the urge to watch it again.

3. Last film I saw in a cinema.
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, last Sunday. I thought it was fairly entertaining: liked the production design a lot, and Martin Freeman made a very likeable Arthur. Found Ford and Zaphod a bit nothing-y, if you know what I mean. Also, the Guide animations were disappointingly crappy, although Stephen Fry's voice was clearly the right choice. A mixed bag, then, all in all.

4. Five films that I watch a lot or which mean a lot to me.
  • This is Spinal Tap – I probably watch this once every couple of years. Perennially funny.
  • Dead Ringers – Probably my favourite serious film. David Cronenberg, Jeremy Irons times two, and bizarre medical matters. Original and strange and satisfying.
  • The Bishop's Wife – A lot of people favour It's A Wonderful Life as Christmas viewing (and I'm not knocking it), but this one has always had the edge for me, mainly because I remember watching it as a kid and it still gives me the same warm glowy feeling.
  • Blade Runner – This was something I watched again and again and again at the age of 16/17. I loved it utterly and thought it was the most meaningful thing I'd ever seen, which may have been true at the time. I don't particularly feel the need to ever watch it again, but it has sentimental value.
  • The Wicked Lady – The best bodice-ripper ever. Margaret Lockwood plays the most scheming evil minx ever to strap on a pistol and pretend to be a highwayman. If only modern films could be this much fun. *thigh slap* *evil laughter*

5. Which five people are you passing the baton to?
Errr, I'm not. If you haven't done the meme already, do it by all means, but I'd hate to guilt someone into doing a meme as mediocre as this one seems to be...

Right, I'm off to rob a stagecoach now. Will someone set the video for Doctor Who in case the law catches up with me?
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