Red Scharlach (redscharlach) wrote,
Red Scharlach


Apparently there's a possible This Life revival on the cards, picking up the tale ten years on.

I confidently predict:
- Miles is now a divorced alcoholic and Conservative MP for Frottwich on the Knold.
- Milly died some time ago in a bizarre bathroom drowning accident.
- Egg still in mourning for Milly and hasn't come out from under his duvet cover in 8 years.
- Ferdie and Warren run a "modelling agency" (male brothel).
- Evil Rachel is a New Labour spin doctor.
- Anna is an international ninja assassin.

Actually, I much more confidently predict that half the cast won't come back for it and it probably won't be very good at all. Still there's curiosity value there....
Tags: this life
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