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The Sunday Six: Half-Blood On The Tracks

The whole "keeping one's expectations low" thing seemed to work out quite well, didn't it? That was quite entertaining.

Don't expect any sensible theories or discussion here, because it's me and I am all about the pointless comments. And definitely no squeeing, either. Not only is it anti-EMPIRE, but these days I can't get that het up for anything that doesn't feature prominently nosed Northerners or omnisexual space captains.

Six Assorted Thoughts I Had While Reading HBP

From the "Ooh, Bit of Politics There!" file:
Loved the sly dig at the much-mocked "Preparing For Emergencies" leaflet. Tee hee. (Note to the non-British: this was an official government handout sent to all British homes last year, which was about what to do in case of terrorist attack or Something Non-Specifically Very Bad happening. It was widely thought to be totally pointless and became the subject of much satirical comment.)

From the "Too Much Bad Telly" file:
To those who are familiar with Little Britain – is anyone else picturing Kingsley Shacklebolt coming over all Sebastian-like, and trying to "protect" the Muggle prime minister by sitting on his lap and sticking his tongue in his ear as frequently as possible?

From the "Pretentious Literary References" file:
Slughorn reminds me greatly of the character of Sillery from Anthony Powell's A Dance To The Music Of Time. I wonder if this is a coincidence. ADTTMOT also contains a mystical Dr Trelawney, so it's not the first time that I've wondered whether JKR has read it. (Mind you, ADTTMOT is a twelve-book series with so many characters that it would probably be weirder if none of them were anything like any HP characters.)

From the "Hilarious For Entirely Personal Reasons" file:
It was when Lupin was talking about his "furry little problem" and the subsequent widespread belief that he owned a badly behaved rabbit. In my previous flat, I lived above a woman who owned exactly such an animal and she was rather fond of yelling the phrase "NAUGHTY RABBIT!!!" at all hours of the day and night. I now realize it was probably all a flimsy cover for her own lycanthropic tendencies.

From the "I Am The Oracle, Hear Me Roar" file:
Mild amusement at the fact that my midlife crisis picture is OMG LIEK SO CANON now. I for one am fully expecting Lupin to turn up in a mullet and see-through shirt at the start of the next book.

From the "Titter Ye Not... Oh, Go On Then" file:
Still sniggering at the fact that if Tonks deserves "someone young and whole", this implies that Lupin is canonically missing a bit. And anyone who took a good look at the silly were-creature in the PoA movie should be able to take an educated guess at what that bit might be....

Going to the pub with pelirroja_ljc tonight. Possibly some further discussion may take place. Or we might just drink gin and talk about the weather.
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