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Introducing... the One Question Quiz!

Another quality product brought to you by Scharlach Industries

I came across a mildly interesting fact in a book today. But instead of me just telling you what it was, I thought I'd ask YOU to tell me what you think it is. The question is as follows:

What are the 5 most frequently used nouns in the English language?

In the absence of postcards, answers in a comment will suffice. There's no prize, apart from the tantalizing possibility of a deep sense of satisfaction when I reveal the correct answers... but frankly, could I offer you anything better?

And NO GOOGLING to find the real answer. That's naughty, and will result in me coming round to spank you(*). The idea is that you use your great and powerful imaginative brains to speculate on the possible solutions. Or to take the piss mercilessly, whichever you prefer.

(* Unless the thought of me spanking you is actually enticing, in which case I will come round and poke you with a sharp stick. Hard.)
Tags: quiz, trivia
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