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The Sunday Six: What do you get if you multiply six by five?

Six Top Fives, By Reader Request

Top Five Sandwiches (from marlo)

1. Roquefort cheese on a raisin Poilane roll (available from Apostrophe. Mmmm...)
2. Goats cheese and onion marmalade on herb bread
3. Egg mayonnaise (preferably with homemade mayonnaise) and wholegrain mustard on a seeded granary bap.
4. Blue Stilton with apricot chutney on toasted ciabatta
5. Houmous and gherkin on rye bagel

Top Five Moments from the New Series of DW (from livii)

Certainly not a chore to think about this one, but nevertheless, very hard to choose, and impossible to be at all original. Had a hard time defining what constituted a moment, too. This is chronological order, BTW, rather than order of preference:

1. The following exchange from "Rose" (paraphrasing slightly): "It's alien" / "Yep." / "You're alien." / "Yep. Is that all right?" It's hard to imagine it now, but I was a bit ambivalent about the whole endeavour until this point. But this was when I knew CE (and by extension the series) was going to be goooood.
2. When Rose says "My daddy..." during Father's Day. There were plenty of reasons to blub like a girlie already, but thrown in a gratuitous reference to The Railway Children and I'm a total goner.
3. Some point near the beginning of Boom Town: I think it was "You're such hard work" / "But worth it". This would be when I started feeling the Captain Jack love. The mere thought of the three of them sailing arond the universe in a haze of overwrought sexual innuendo made me squeak like a hyperactive gerbil on heat.
4. The Doctor's speech to the Daleks at the end of Bad Wolf. It was around this point that I collapsed on the futon in a hormonal daze, crying "Take me now!".
5. Somewhere in The Parting of the Ways, between the Bloke-on-Bloke Action (TM) and "I think you need a doctor". At this point, all the latent sensibleness in my usually sensible brain exploded into a big explodey supernova of wibbliness. (And still wibbling after all these weeks.)

Top Five Bridges (from wheeler)

1. The Tyne Bridge, of course. Very parochial of me, I know, but I don't care. So good the Australians ripped us off.
2. That fuck-off huge French one, which I haven't seen in real life but it looks ace.
3. The Clifton Suspension Bridge in Bristol. Very cool bridge/landscape combo going on there.
4. The Forth Railway Bridge. Corny old choice, but it's timeless.
5. The Millennium Footbridge (previously known as the Wobbly Bridge): I wanted to pick a London one and I think this is my favourite. It's makes me very excited and bouncy just to walk across it; I have to stop myself from yelling "Scenic London! Scenic London!".

Top Five Over-rated “Classic” Literary Works (from tannhaeuser)

This was hard because I haven't read all that many classics, possibly since I often tend to assume they'll be overrated to begin with, so I never get to find out whether they actually are. Anyway:

1. A la recherche du temps perdu. Oh shut up, Marcel.
2. Lord of the Rings. (Sorry, Tann, but you did ask.) Tedious in the extreme.
3. Anything by D.H. Lawrence. Whinging git.
4. Anything by Thomas Hardy. In the words of a friend of mine, there's something wrong with a book where it takes a character five pages to take their hat off.
5. Anything by Ian McEwan. I know he's contemporary, not classic, but he's become a bloody A-Level set text now so I think I'm entitled to complain. The kids of today don't need this sort of rubbish bogging them down and probably making them hate reading. I reckon everyone should pointedly ignore him, then he might (possibly) go away.

Top Five Overrated Cities in the World (from scifinut)

Another toughie. Plenty of places are plain awful, and plenty of places are nice, but it's hard thinking of places where I disagree with the popular opinion.

1. Manchester. Sorry, Manchester. It's all right, like, but I don't get why people worship it so much. I spent a year there, but it gave me the constant feeling that I was not young and trendy enough to appreciate it. All a bit disheartening, really.
2. Montreal. This is one I can think of where there did seem to be a big disparity between what other people told me about it (i.e. that it was fantastic) and what I thought (i.e. that it was a pleasant enough place). There's nothing wrong with Montreal, per se. I just didn't see why it gets raved about so much.
3. Bologna. There is absolutely nothing to do there. Well, there is some reasonable cake, I suppose. But much as I love cake, I demand more from a town. You might as well get on a train to Florence and then you can have cake and culture and prettiness and better weather, not to mention large statues of lovely young men with attractive buttocks.
4. Toledo. Toledo is a good tourist destination for an afternoon, but only if you like El Greco. And I don't, particularly. So don't book a three-day holiday there (like I did), because you'll be bored fairly quickly.
5. I would say Sunderland, but I don't even think people from Sunderland think Sunderland is nice, do they? As far as I've seen, they tend to persist in the belief that Sunderland is either the only place in the world OR that anywhere else that may theoretically exist could only be worse, and so they are just going to get on with living there in a sort of tight-lipped, set-jawed way, but not many of them seem to be enjoying it.

Top Five Overlooked Writers (from dawnzabini)

My problem here was: overlooked by whom? These are critically acclaimed, but no one I know seems to have read them.

1. Robertson Davies (yes, I will persist in banging on about him until everyone reads everything he ever wrote, darnit)
2. Anthony Powell
3. Mary Webb (she wrote Precious Bane, and Gone to Earth)
4. Julio Cortazar
5. David Lodge

In other news, I have officially become a corporate tart and have coughed up for a paid account. Sorry, world. Be assured that I feel suitably ashamed of myself. Be assured also, however, that I am the type of lass who likes her money's worth, so stupid icons by the bucketload will be forthcoming very shortly....
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