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And Who, shall I say, is calling?

Obligatory comment on the new suit: I like it. It's snazzy. And there's an echo of Britpop era Jarvis Cocker in there, which I find rather endearing. Probably due to my advanced age, admittedly.

Anyway, as you all must know, before he takes the Tardis out for a maiden run, Mr Tennant is going to be turning up in the Goblet of Fire movie as Barty Crouch Jr. And of course, that means that someone (Brendan Gleeson, in this case) is going to be transforming into him. The coincidence tickles me, although I am mildly concerned that the impressionable kids of today are going to end up believing that in stressful enough circumstances, everyone turns into David Tennant....
Tags: doctor who
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