Red Scharlach (redscharlach) wrote,
Red Scharlach

Dynamite with a laser beam

First the Queen got an iPod. Now it transpires she's watching Doctor Who.

Gosh, her Majesty is a real bandwagon-jumping fangirl these days, isn't she. Although I am amused that the article tries to point up her old-school fandom credentials. (Perhaps someone should check by giving her a trivia test – I'm not sure she wouldn't look at a picture of William Hartnell and say "Oh look, the dowager Duchess of Portsmouth!") But anyway, whatever next? The Queen gets an LJ? The Queen ships Nine/Rose? (Well, it beats Charles/Camilla.) The Queen was disappointed by the cancellation of Firefly but she's looking forward to Serenity? The Queen embarrasses herself publicly by posting a thank-you note to her fans on an ER forum by mistake?

Anyway, just in case she does decide to get an LJ, I've made her some icons. One of them I thought I'd use for myself until she turns up to claim it: the others are below:

I'm sure she wouldn't mind anyone borrowing them if they really wanted to...
Tags: doctor who, trivia
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