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*enters, wearing a pink ballgown and carrying a box of tissues*

Gosh. It has come to my attention that my DW fic One Thing We Always Suspected About Captain Jack has won two Mauve And Dangerous awards. This fact makes me feel decidedly cheerful.

No, I'm not totally sure what an award for postmodernism consists of either, but hey, I'll happily take it if somebody's offering (as Captain Jack said to Cardinal Wolsey). A list of all the other gorgeous and glamorous winners can be found here.

I'd like to thank all the lovely fluffy folk who voted for me, Sigmund Freud for the symbolism, Christopher Eccleston for the sex, David Tennant for the future sex, Sarah Jessica Parker for making me look stylish, Gordon's Distiller's Cut Gin for the sponsorship, livii for leading me into the ways of temptation, and of course, John Barrowman's bottom.

*exits, sobbing all over Russell Crowe's tuxedo*
Tags: fanfic
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