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A random round-up to celebrate the fact that I had this week off work, and to commiserate the fact that it's over much too soon.

Weirdest Thing I've Seen On A Menu This Week (That I Didn't Eat)
Fennel pannacotta. This was a dessert, in case it's not obvious. Fennel pannacotta? Whatever next, celery blancmange? If I didn't hate fennel, I might have tried it out of sheer bloody-mindedness. But I do, so I didn't.

Weirdest Thing I've Seen On A Menu This Week (That I Did Eat)
A deep-fried egg in a garlic, chilli and coriander dressing. It was slightly peculiar but surprisingly pleasant. Both this and the fennel pannacotta are available at The Providores, which is a restaurant in Marylebone – it's notable for the fact that even a tedious foodie like me didn't recognize half the ingredients on the menu.

Cake of the Week
As you might imagine, there have been several contenders, but I'm going to have to plump for chocolate and raspberry tart, in the version served at The Wolseley. Very nice indeed. And the runner-up is chocolate and raspberry tart, in the version sold at Carluccio's. (Neither of these were quite as stunning as a chocolate and raspberry tart that I once bought in a train station in Montreal, but then again, very few things are.)

Most Famous Person I Saw Today (That I Didn't Pay To See)
David Walliams (off Little Britain) and Rob Brydon (off Marian and Geoff) – they were having tea and cakes a couple of tables away from me in The Wolseley. I tried very hard not to stare, and mostly succeeded, until a woman turned up (brunette and Antipodean-sounding – I assume she is the other half of one of them?) with lots of River Island shopping bags and proceeded to show them everything she'd bought. Then I did stare a bit, mainly because she'd bought a really nice little brown jacket... mind you, I bet River Island doesn't do my size.

Most Famous Person I Saw Today (That I Did Pay To See)
Well, on a worldwide scale, the correct answer to this question is Rob Lowe, because I went to see A Few Good Men at the theatre tonight. Totally unplanned, as it happens – I just walked by the half-price ticket booth in Leicester Square, saw there were tickets available and decided it might be more entertaining than Friday night telly. But the real answer to the question is of course...


(I apologize for that unseemly outburst, but sometimes even the most literate of lasses has to express the inexpressible.)

Somewhere in my brain, I did know the plot in advance from having seen the film, but I did only see that once, years ago, and that was a) in Barcelona (the city not the planet), so it was subtitled in Spanish, and b) in a really weird old cinema that showed it after a documentary "second feature" about old women making yogurt in the former Soviet republic of Georgia (no, I am not joking).

Anyway, it's a pretty straightforward courtroom drama with military trappings: lots of shouting "Overruled!" and "Sustained!" and making of impassioned speeches about honour and whatnot. Karen-from-Coronation-Street plays Demi Moore, and she's actually better than I thought she'd be – her American accent sounded fine (to me at least – I could tell that a few of the lesser cast members were a bit wobbly with theirs) and I stopped expecting her to start slagging off Tracey Barlow after about the first 15 minutes. Rob Lowe was very good, although I don't find him attractive and his arms seem disproportionately short for his body. I thought that the guy who had the Jack Nicholson part started off a bit camp for the Marines (although, come to think of it, is there such a thing as too camp for the Marines?) but he gained more gravitas as it went on. Most of the supporting cast were pretty good too, especially Rob's speccy colleague (can't remember the name – was it Sam?) and the nutter Marine sergeant (Kendrick, was it?).

And John Barrowman? Well, Captain Lieutenant Jack doesn't have a great deal to do until the court scenes (in which he mainly shouts "Objection!" a lot), and he seemed to be wearing rather too much hair gel (making him look rather hedgehoggy), but he looks nice in uniform, strides around declaiming plot points in a commanding enough fashion and, of course, has a killer smile and a nice arse. Which is all one could wish for from a half-price ticket, innit?

Best-Looking Bloke of the Day
Well, you'd think John Barrowman would walk this category, wouldn't you? And on a normal day, I'm sure he would. BUT this morning I happened to see a really rather startlingly attractive bloke in Caffè Nero. He was so lovely that I had to take my regular Americano and station myself at a discreet gawping distance so that I could give him the covert admiration he merited. Mostly this was directed at his physique rather than his face (which was nice enough but I only got a sideview of it) – he had a sort of lanky-but-obviously-works-out-just-enough-to-have-a-bit-of-muscle-on-him thing going on, AND showed off to good advantage by a casual but sexy jeans and t-shirt combo. Mmm. Anyway, he had an iPod and headphones on, AND was hammering away at a laptop, so I couldn't really have gone up and got him into conversation, even if I had been able to think of anything to say (other than "hello, nice man"). But I hereby award him "Bod Du Jour" in absentia. (I'll let JB leave with the "Face du Jour" award, however, because he IS dead pretty and I don't want him to get all upset....)
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