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"Tell me, Captain Strange, do you feel my devotion?"

Quite despite my better judgement, I've spent the last hour totally hypnotized by a countdown of the 20 Worst Pop Videos Ever on VH1. But my time has not been wasted, for I have rediscovered the gobsmacking wonder of both songwriting, contemporary dance AND motion picture art that is the none-more-1970s video for Hot Gossip's "I Lost My Heart To A Starship Trooper". Glitter catsuits! Crap smoke machines! Phallic pipework! Femmeslash robotic dancing! Crimping irons a go-go! Lyrics that randomly throw in Star Wars, Star Trek, Close Encounters and any other sci-fi reference the writers had ever heard of! And Sarah Brightman on lead vocals. Could it possibly GET any better? (Well, not unless Billie Piper ever does a cover version in aid of Comic Relief, it won't.)

To watch this work of genius, you will need RealPlayer. Go to this Sarah Brightman fan page, click on "Videos" in the lefthand column, and then choose "Starship Troopers". Go on. Do it now. Satisfaction guaranteed.
Tags: sounds a bit rude
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