Red Scharlach (redscharlach) wrote,
Red Scharlach

Happy birthday to Meeeeeeeeeee!

Hello! It is now officially 23rd October in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and lo! This means that it is now my birthday and I am a whole thirty-four (count them) years old. And as is traditional, I am very very drunk. Hooray.

Today I went out for afternoon tea and it was very very nice and then we went to the pub and drank booze and it was also very nice and I have only got two (count them) presents so far but those present are a) flowers (PRETTY!) and b) GIN (BOOZE!!!) so that is GOOD.

I only have one minor complaint about today which is that I tried to dress up like a proper girl today with a skirt and everything, and this meant wearing hold-up fishnet stockings (the sort that requireth not garters, you know) for the first time ever, and this was all very well and good while I was sitting down all day eating lovely afternoon tea and then drinking booze, but when I got up to go home like a good girl, LO! My left stocking totally lost the will to grip and did fall down around my ankle! And then I tried to tug the thing back up again (apologies to everyone on Marylebone Road who got an unexpected glimpse of my thigh, but what's a girl to do?) but LO!! It fell back down again! And I had to walk home with one stocking up and the other stocking down around my ankle and looking, well, not as gorgeous as I would have hoped.

Moral of story: don't shop at Debenhams, for lo! They are rubbish.

Moral of story part 2: booze is lovely and I feel a GRATE LUV of humanity and hullo world, hullo sky, and mostest of all, Happy Birthday To Me.

And now I must try to drink lots of water (anti-hangover, you know) and go to bed like a good girl. Hic. Goodnight everybody.....
Tags: birthdays, don't post drunk
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