Red Scharlach (redscharlach) wrote,
Red Scharlach

Cliché or not cliché?

When I got up this morning, I was clearly much more dazed than usual. I know this because I went to brush my teeth and didn't realize that I'd accidentally squeezed antiseptic cream instead of toothpaste onto my brush until I tasted it.... and spat it out, obviously, yeuch yeuch yeuch. But hey, it was in a squeezy tube and I'd left it by the sink, and I was half-asleep... and of such stuff are sitcoms made.

When my brain had woken up sufficiently to have any coherent thoughts, it therefore fell to pondering about real-life instances of comedy clichés in action. For instance, an apple fell on my friend Shelley's head last week. (She didn't discover gravity, however – apparently that's a one-time-only gig.) And this in turn reminded me of the fact that once, a few years ago, I slipped over on a banana skin. (I can only say that when you live near a large fruit and vegetable market, it's rather easier than you'd think. And besides, falling over on a plum was worse, because that time I ripped my trousers open and grazed my knee, but it makes a less satisfying anecdote.)

So I thought I'd throw it open to the floor. What surely-that-never-happens clichés have actually happened to you in real life? Have you ever been having an affair and had to hide in a wardrobe when her husband came home? Have your trousers ever fallen down in a public place, perhaps in the presence of a member of the clergy? Or have you ever fallen off a log? Taken coals to Newcastle? Or called a spade a spade? Enquiring minds are mildly interested to know....
Tags: real life
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