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Who's doing it for the kids... isn't he?

It may have come to your attention that this Friday's BBC Children In Need telethon is going to contain, alongside the usual gamut of semi-recognizable British celebrities doing peculiar things for charidee, a whole three and a half minutes of brand new Doctor Who. This is widely alleged to be a proper, canonical, yes-it-really-counts DW scene, taking place immediately after the last episode of the previous series, and right before the forthcoming Christmas special. Therefore, of course, it is now shaping up to be the most obsessively anticipated three and a half minutes of television in the universal history of overexcitement. (Well, in my living room it is, at any rate.)

Of course, the question is, what will it contain? If your brain has fallen out since June, let me remind you that the last series left us with the following set-up: the Doctor and Rose are standing about in the TARDIS; he's just regenerated; she's got her mouth open in shock and is presumably about to throw a wobbly. So the question is... what happens next?

Poll #614183 That Doctor Who/Children in Need special in full

What will the Doctor Who Children in Need special segment consist of?

Three and a half minutes of Rose and the Doctor having a stand-up argument.
Three minutes of Rose and the Doctor having a stand-up argument, half a minute of handporn-based rapprochement.
Half a minute of arguing, three minutes of hot monkey sex while Terry Wogan sings "The Floral Dance".
One minute of Rose sobbing over the demise of Christopher Eccleston, one and half minutes of the Doctor showing her some selected stills from Casanova, one minute of Rose doing the happy dance.
Two minutes of David Tennant plugging Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, one minute of Billie Piper rolling her eyes and yawning, half a minute of David Tennant pointing at a DVD of The Calcium Kid and making a sarcastic face.
Three and a half minutes of ticking and unticking random ticky boxes, because frankly, nothing else matters.
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