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Whether they knew one another, I care not / Whether they cared at all, I know not

That Doctor Who Children In Need scene reaction in full
(off the top of my head, before reading anyone else's comments, but after half a bottle of rather expensive French plonk)
  • Hello, David Tennant. Aren't you lovely?
  • And aren't you particularly lovely in Mr Eccleston's clothes?
  • I know, I feel slightly cheap for even thinking that, but it was true.
  • Also, Rose's hair looks much nicer than last series.
  • I can proudly announce that anyone who picked option 2 in my recent poll can consider themselves the proud winners of a No-Prize. Yeah, there was less arguing than that question implied, but there was categorical and undeniable handporn. (And no, I didn't make any untoward noises. Honest, I didn't. I did do an expression of the kind I think I last practised in the fluffy animal house at London Zoo, though.)
  • The mole. All right, ladies and gentlemen, please meet the one true constant of every single sex scene in the as-yet-unwritten realms of oncoming Ten/Rose fiction. A round of applause might be appropriate, possibly followed by a teasingly gentle stroke of the fingertip. Ha.
  • They mentioned Jack! And the Doctor knows Jack is alive, does he? Well, he must be magic, then. I don't mind the cavalier attitude to Jack's whereabouts since one can write that off as post-regeneration sickness bonkers disease, but I am now wondering how the sane and rational bit of the Doctor is going to explain it. When he comes back. On Christmas Day. Not long now. Gosh.
  • That is all for now, apart from general excited noises of a non-specific but actually highly literate nature. No, really.

* * *

In other news, it must have been a clairvoyant casting director that employed Mr Tennant to appear in the GoF movie, because they successfully anticipated the fact that I'd feel very little eagerness to go and see it otherwise. Might see it on Sunday, however, since that's traditionally the day on which mindless entertainment is most welcome.
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