Red Scharlach (redscharlach) wrote,
Red Scharlach

One fic, two fic, "Five Things" Whofic

Now, I am supposed to be writing a DW Secret Santa fic at the moment, and indeed I have recently had an idea for it (hooray) and have actually begun to write a few lines (double hooray). However, my brain would simply give me no rest to consider it in more detail until I got shot of a few of the more ridiculous DW thoughts that were cluttering up my imagination. So in the interests of my mental health if nothing else (hem hem), I give you:

( Five Things That Don't Usually Happen When The Doctor and Rose Get It On )

In other news, I got my first Crimbo card today, and it is from the startlingly organized livii. Triple hooray, and pre-emptive mince pies all round!
Tags: doctor who, fanfic
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