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At the end of the day, Brian, the boy done good

Warning, the following post contains SPOILERS and festively induced incoherency!

So I watched The Christmas Invasion, of course, and here are a selection of rambling thoughts on the matter...

  • Hello again, David Tennant. Aren't you lovely, even when you're unconscious?
  • Yeah, yeah, I know that's a terribly pervy thing to think, but it's true. Wish that was my duvet he was under. Hee.
  • Shut up, Jackie Tyler. Shut up, shut up, shut up!
  • Yeah, I know she's meant to be annoying, and it is indeed an accurate portrayal, but I mean, for god's sake woman, get out of the way and let Rose in on the sobbing-over-the-lovely-prostrate-form action.
  • Mickey is also annoying (sorry livii) but that's mainly the script's fault, I think. When in doubt, have Mickey start whining about how Rose prefers the Doctor/the TARDIS/travelling the universe/whatever to him. Groan.
  • Overall, I wish Rose had managed to sort herself out to have an idea earlier than she did. Waiting for the Doctor to wake up does not make the most dramatic telly, so the middle sort of sagged to me. A bit of a shame.
  • Tea to the rescue! Yay! Yeah, it was cheesy. But it's good old-fashioned British cheese, at least.
  • Yay at the Doctor's coming out of the Tardis to REPRESENT. All the following speech was excellent. And swoon/giggle at "Am I sexy?" Yes you are, dear. But it's rude to ask so directly... ;)
  • The Star Wars stuff was just TOO CHEESY FOR WORDS. But at least they backed it up with a Hitchhiker's Guide reference AND a Blade Runner reference to round off the seasonal cheese course (at least, I pegged the "I haven't seen it with these eyes yet" as an oblique quotation of "If only you could see the things I've seen with your eyes").
  • Look out universe, it's Evil!Harriet and she's got a BIG FUCK-OFF GUN to aim at YOUR planet. This bit was a big surprise, since I never pegged Harriet as one so easily corrupted by TEH POWER, at least not so soon. But it gave the opportunity for the Doctor to come over all Righteous Vitriol (TM) which was damn hot when Eccleston used to do it and guess what? It's still pretty darn hot now. Hee.
  • So Torchwood are EVIL too and they've got the Big F-O Gun? Also didn't see this coming either. I guess Jack might get to play conscience with them, in that case. (In between bouts of maple-syrup-clad nekkidness and rampant bloke-on-bloke/girl/alien tech/organic livestock action, we dearly hope.) Start practising those crusading speeches now, JB!
  • Yay wardrobe! But I'll have to look at that scene in more detail when I rewatch. However, I did twig that the pinstripe suit and coat are presumably supposed to echo the pyjamas and dressing gown, which was a nice touch.
  • The snow/ash scene was also way corny, BUT I did love the fact that when Rose was gazing up at the stars, the Doctor was mainly gazing at Rose. Aww.
  • Those COMING SOON clips: Sod the Cybermen, there's going to be kissing? Like, grab-him-and-slap-one-on-him kissing? Woah. I must confess, I'm a mite worried about this. On the one hand, swoonage (obviously). On the other hand... this can't be end-of-series kissing because they haven't filmed that far yet, so what's it all about? Is Rose going to come on too strong and get a huge knockback? (Eek, say it ain't so!) Or is it just an excess of "OMG, you're ALIVE!!" enthusiasm which then will get brushed over all too quickly? Russell T., you and your next series going to be the death of me and my nerves, I just know it....

Off back to the land of the living London tomorrow, where I shall hopefully watch this again (if the great god Vcr T'Imer is willing) and see if my brain is better disposed to cope with it all...
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