Red Scharlach (redscharlach) wrote,
Red Scharlach

The Sunday Six: It's YOUR Six!

What with the melancholy end of the festive season and the return to that savage and illogical land we call Work, I'm having a bit of a stressful and rubbishy week, and therefore find myself unable to provide a Sunday Six in the usual style. However, I have thought of an alternative, which is to get YOU to entertain ME for once. Hee hee.

As an incentive, this Six contains a list of excellent things that I, the all-powerful Ms Scharlach, can arrange just for YOU – all you need to do is comment and give me the requisite details.(*) And when I say YOU, I mean all of you. Of course the Usual Suspects are always welcome. But I know that I've gained a few extra friendslist folk over the last few days, and I also know that there are quite a few lurkers on my list who presumably read the bletherings I post but rarely or never comment. (You know who you are.) So here's your chance to raise your head above the parapet and let me know a bit about yourselves. Come along now, don't be shy. I don't bite (much).

Six Questions For YOU To Answer

1) It's my round. What are you drinking?

2) I'm an excellent chef and will cook you anything you like for dinner. What are you in the mood for?

3) I've got a private jet and can take you anywhere for the weekend. Where do you fancy?

4) I'm a matchmaker extraordinaire and can set you up on a night out with anyone in the universe. Who would you like to meet?

5) I'm an international master thief and will steal one item or artefact from anywhere in the world, and give it you as a present. What would add a certain something to your home?

6) I am a top secret government operative and will kidnap any annoying figure in the public eye and sentence them to a lifetime of total obscurity in a place where you will never have to hear about them ever again. Who shall I bundle into the back of my big black car?

(*) A note: Ms Scharlach makes no claims that she can actually make any of your wishes come true, and any attempt to pursue her through the judicial system for failure to deliver on her promises shall be deemed not to possess a legal leg to stand on and shall otherwise be doomed to total failure so please don't do it. Especially because she is a lovely person and all her vast fortune is inaccessibly tied up in offshore bank accounts and can't be touched. Sorry about that. Ahem.
Tags: memes, sunday six
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