Red Scharlach (redscharlach) wrote,
Red Scharlach

A missive from the Bouncily Appreciative Poets Society

Here is a poem that was NOT, repeat NOT, written by me. Nor was it written by Ogden Nash, though it almost sounds like it could have been. It was instead penned by a costly full-figured Teuton of my acquaintance, but I thought her vibrant linguistics were worth sharing with the assembled masses...
Poem That Is About Gin
by A. German

There's nothing that's quite so sublimely harmonic,
There's nothing that causes more pleasure within
Than drinking a sprinkle of very good tonic
With quite a few dashes of very good gin.

The power it holds over me is demonic,
Yet being hedonic feels not like a sin,
My love for it is, after all, quite platonic –
O hail gin and tonic! Goodbye to chagrin!
Tags: poems by other people
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