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The Sunday Six: Animals Strike Curious Poses

Today I made my annual pilgrimage to the loveliest building in London, the Natural History Museum, to see the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition.

All persons with access to the capital are highly encouraged to go and see the prizewinning photographs in person, because at the show they are all beautifully presented and artfully lit to look extra-groovy. However, since there are quite a lot of you that don't live within the M25 catchment area, I thought I'd share the following links:

Six Favourite Photos from the 2005 Wildlife Photography Awards

Note: Fantastic as the Natural History Museum is, their website is less than brilliant, and only provides weedily-sized versions of the winning images. However, I've tried to find alternative links to bigger versions on the photographers' own websites whenever possible.

1. This Fish Wants To Beat You Up And Steal Your Dinner Money
Official title and photographer: Snapper Shoal by Alexander Mustard
See a larger version: From the photographer's website
It's great because: Many fish have strange faces when you see them close up, and this guy is no exception. Best of all is the way that his gang of equally threatening mates are lurking in the background ready to kick your head in if you don't hand over the cash. It also wins bonus aesthetic points for reminding me rather of Escher's engraving Depth. Only scarier, of course.

2. Hot Amphibious Action!
Official title and photographer: Common Toad Orgy (yes, honestly) by Ruben Smit
See a larger version: Click on the appropriate thumbnail from the photographer's website.
It's great because: Firstly, the whole image has a weird, sci-fi look to it, as if the toads and their spacey underwater setting have all been computer-generated for some very high-budget but bizarre blockbuster. And secondly... well, it's a TOAD ORGY. Look at them all at it! Even the ones looming out of the background gloom! And the accompanying blurb is straight out of a bodice-ripper romance: "What he hadn’t reckoned on was becoming part of the orgy himself. Mistaking his fingers for females, the muscular male toads gripped onto them with grim passion...."

3. Fluffy Polar Bear Bottoms! Fluffy Polar Bear Bottoms!
Official title and photographer: Polar Trek by Thorsten Milse
See a larger version: There are many similarly fluffy images on the photographer's website
It's great because: Polar bears are excellent because they combine the qualities of extreme cuddliness with the kind of hard bastard credentials that DCI Gene Hunt can only dream of. And errr, their bottoms are much more appealing than his. Hee hee.

4. Only Captain Beaky Can Save Us Now!
Official title and photographer: Lamplight Roost by Lorne Gill
It's great because: I just like the image of a city in turmoil, its hapless populace gazing up to the sky for any sign of hope, and gasping as they spy... THE GULL-SIGNAL!

5. Stag With Crap On Head
Official title and photographer: Red Deer Headgear (hee hee) by Danny Green
See a larger version: From the photographer's website
It's great because: You can tell exactly what is going through this deer's mind. He's thinking "No one will EVER see past my brilliant camouflage. I am TOTALLY invisible to the naked eye. The CIA would KILL for my skills. Frankly, I'm a genius!" Please, nobody tell him how wrong he is, because he'll be so disappointed...

6. Penguin Hangs Ten – More At Nine
Official title and photographer: Surfing Gentoo by Andy Rouse
See a larger version: From the photographer's website
It's great because: It's a surfing penguin. Do I really need to say more than that?
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