Red Scharlach (redscharlach) wrote,
Red Scharlach

Call Sir Thomas Plunkett and get those trees back!

Amusing thing of the day: an article in the Guardian about the sterling efforts of the Irish legal system to get rid of all the bizarre old laws that nobody uses but which are still technically in force.

My own favourites from these now-repealed laws are:
  • No Jew to keep in his possession a hauberk or an aubergel – what a shame that sea_of_tethys has just had a birthday, because a set of matching hauberks and aubergels would have made a lovely (and legal) present!
  • The freedom of movement of the French in the realm is guaranteed – I hope someone is now forcing all French persons currently within Ireland to stand perfectly still until it can be determined that their motives are all above board.
  • The Coffee Adulteration Act – forbids the mixing of lard, grease and/or sheep dung into coffee sacks – a suggestion to all Irish persons reading this: STAY AWAY FROM STARBUCKS. They really don't need another excuse for corporate misbehaviour...
Tags: trivia
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