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The Sunday Six: Simple Lines, Intertwining

There's a meme doing the rounds about your favourite simple pleasures in life (I spotted laurus_nobilis posting it), and although I think you're meant to choose ten, I'm going to plough my own furrow as usual, and tell you about...

Six of Life's Simple Pleasures (In Rhyme)

1) The New 50 Pence Piece Design

A state of which I rarely speak
Is being a typographic geek
The skilful use of fonts and kerning
Can fill me with tremendous yearning
I love both sans serif and serif
(Think I'm crazy? Call the sheriff!)
Another minor joy I nurse
Is when I open up my purse
To find a coin that's shiny bright
And so it fills me with delight
And tickles my aesthetic sense
To see this lovely fifty pence
It was Tom Phillips who designed
This piece of coinage so refined
And if you think my love quite strange
I'll just refuse to lend you change....

2) The Aubergine

Long-time readers might have seen
Me sing the praise of aubergine
A vegetable which I adore
And which I've highly praised before
Forgive me, but it bears repeating
An eggplant makes fantastic eating
Deeply purple in its hue
Bulbous, dark and glossy too
Its melting flesh makes me rejoice
It is my vegetable of choice
And I just ate one for my dinner
(No wonder I'm not getting thinner.)

3) Black Coffee

My morning coffee cheers me up
There is a moment in each cup
When I have had a taste of pleasure
But there's still plenty left to treasure
It's not so hot I cannot sip
Without pain to my lower lip
But it's still hot enough to say
For certain it will stay that way
For long enough to really savour
The rich and roasty coffee flavour
Alas, that moment is so fleeting!
But as a pleasure, it takes some beating
(And one more word, before I wrap –
I never touch that instant crap...)

4) Slippers

I've heard it in the news of late
That slippers are now out-of-date
They've been consigned to fashion Hades
And no one wears them but old ladies
But I don't care about the news
Cause I lurve taking off my shoes
And with each foot inside a slipper
I always feel a lot more chipper
My feet are free, and sometimes I
Imagine I can hear them sigh
And wriggle warmly in their socks
So I say – slipper-wearing rocks!

5) A particular fat tortoiseshell cat I see on my way to work

Between my tube stop and my flats
I always pass a lot of cats
The moggies of my neighbourhood
Are quite a mixed bunch, which is good
Though some would make you run a mile
There's one especially makes me smile
Tortoiseshell and long of hair
It has a rather snooty air
And sits upon a fence-post high
And gazes on each passer-by
With fluffy cheekiness, at least
It seems a quite contented beast
And though it's lazy, and quite fat
I sometimes wish I were that cat.

6) BBC Four

I long resisted getting cable
But now I have it, I am able
To watch bad telly all night through
(Though I don't do that much, it's true)
Much of it is worthless flannel
But Beeb Four is a classy channel
It's artsy stuff, which some find fussy
But hey, I'm a pretentious hussy
And one who finds it rather groovy
To watch a weird old foreign movie
And there are other things to try
Like great re-runs from years gone by
But what's its greatest feature, folks?
It keeps on showing gorgeous blokes!
An evening full of Sean Bean's bum
(My only word of comment? "Yum!")
Was what they broadcast late last Sunday
Then they followed it up on Monday
With David Tennant saying "Fuck"
In a Yorkshire accent – oh, what luck!
I'll say now what I've said before;
They should rename it BBC Phwoargh....
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