Red Scharlach (redscharlach) wrote,
Red Scharlach

Ceci n'est pas une Six

No Sunday Six this week, sorry. It is of course Non-Denominational Chocolate Promotion weekend so I've been out socializing and eating and whatnot, rather than propping up the old iMac as per.

Among other things, I've been discussing the Sunday Six with a couple of my RL friends who've started to tune in, and they agree with my assessment that the Sixes I work on properly and pre-plan are much better than the ones I cobble together at the last minute. So, farewell to last-minute cobbling. I've decided that the Sunday Six will not disappear, but will henceforth switch to being a semi-regular feature, and will be alternated with a new feature called the Sunday Something. This is basically going to be a catch-all title for any bout of creativity that I post on a Sunday but which isn't centred around the number six. Straightforward, n'est-ce pas? (Of course, I could just post at random intervals like everyone else, but I'm so lazy at the moment that I feel I need enforced structure to get me going....)

And before I go, a little-known science-fiction series returned to the screen yesterday. Yes, well. Basically, it was just a silly romp, wasn't it? Entertaining in parts (bouncy castle, hee hee), but I now need a bout of serious drama. And yes, Mr Tennant is cute but I can't tell if he's any good unless he's given a better script that this one – one that allows him to stop blethering on constantly and do some proper acting. I have always been in favour of his casting on an aesthetic level, certainly, but I am a mite concerned that he lacks the lovely Mr Eccleston's gravitas, so he needs an opportunity to show what he can do in that arena. (And to be fair, Mr E was required to do rather too much silly romping at first too, so we'll give Mr T a fighting chance.) Anyway, I might rewatch it tomorrow in less of a haze of anxiety and we'll see if I have anything more coherent to say then. And I did find the ending surprisingly moving, too. (Gosh, I'm a sentimental old thing when you give me the chance.)
Tags: doctor who, real life
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