Red Scharlach (redscharlach) wrote,
Red Scharlach

From Bombay to Santa Fé, o'er the hills and far away...

Well, well, Tooth and Claw. This episode made me jump out of my seat and say "Yes!" in a decided fashion. This is more like it! This is what we want! Period drama trappings – check! Scottish ninja monks for no reason – check! Queen Victoria, only she's actually more like Harriet Jones in a crinoline – check! Surprisingly decent werewolf effects – check! Bad Wolf Rose references (sadly not really followed up, but you can't have it all) – check! Evil!Queenie telling the Doctor to sod off because he's not big or clever – check! A sterling result all round.

And then of course there was Monsieur Tennant, actually having calmed down a few notches since last week, and just hanging around in the shadows and looking all sort of aroused by the mystery of it all. And the accent.... well, let's just say that sighing occurred, and it was of a loud and heartfelt nature. (Look, just take me now, David. What do you want that blondie Miles tart for, anyway? I'd be so much better for you...)

Also I've been giggling at the BBC's new Visit Torchwood site, and best of all, Millingdale Ice Cream. Do we think that's the Torchwood theme-to-be playing on the front page? And more importantly, anyone for Captain Jack covered in Raspberry Ripple?

In other news, the new TV ad for Domestos, with the animated germ singing about how it's going to make people vom, makes me laugh like a drain. That is because I am thirty-four, going on four.
Tags: doctor who
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