Red Scharlach (redscharlach) wrote,
Red Scharlach

The Sunday Six: Ceci n'est pas un sheep

It's a photographic Sunday Six this week, and it's even got a slightly Potterish angle – if, that is, you have as much of an obsession with Aberforth Dumbledore and his alleged caprine caprices as I do.

Six Goats of Many Colours

1. Beer Goat
An ad found on the wall of a Dutch bar in Drury Lane. The photo was actually taken by my mate Alistair, since he was in a better position to do so than I was. He must be given his due, especially since he may well be reading this. (Hello Alistair.)

2. Tiled Goat
From the mural on the ceiling of Harrods' Food Hall.

3. Goat Coat-of-Arms
Found on a gate on Fleet Street. Is this the family crest of the Dumbledore clan? It might explain a lot...

4. Playmobil Goat
Perched on a plastic hillock in the toy department of John Lewis.

5. Pub Goat
Clearly this pub in Piccadilly is where Aberforth trained as a barman....

6. Cuddly Goat
Despite the fact that Harrods' soft toy department seems to contain fluffy facsimiles of almost every animal under the sun, from anteaters to zebra finches, this was the only goat I could find. And I had to unearth him from a pile of sheep and horses to take this picture, too.

* * * * *

And in other news, why did nobody tell me that Harrods has its own Chocolate Bar? I don't mean a bar of chocolate, but a café-bar entirely dedicated to all things chocolatey. Anyway, now I've discovered it, I can rectify my years of neglect. Highly recommended if you're feeling in the mood for utter cocoa-related indulgence of the ooops-I-can't-eat-for-a-week variety....
Tags: fluffy things, photos, sunday six
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