Red Scharlach (redscharlach) wrote,
Red Scharlach

The Who bandwagon rolls into Walthamstow again

So, School Reunion. Well, that was really rather interesting, wasn't it? I am still processing to some extent, but my overall impression was that it was surprisingly grown-up and moving. All that stuff about wasting your life thinking about what might have been: perhaps it's going to pass the youngsters by, but it sure as chips is chips got me snivelling on the settee. Surely Things (TM) are boded for the future too, but as yet, I cannot guess what.

All the stuff about the school and the Gold Blend man Giles Mr Finch and his batwinged mates was a bit silly in the main, of course. But we'll let that slide. "Shooty dog thing" is probably the funniest three words I've heard this year so far.

Other thoughts:

– An amusing alternative conversation between the Doctor and Sarah Jane might have gone:

SJS: You left me behind!
TEN: Yeah, I know, but they didn't let humans onto Gallifrey then.
SJS: But why didn't you come back and get me afterwards?
TEN: I was going to do that. I just got a bit... distracted.
SJS: Distracted? HOW?
TEN: A leather bikini can easily do that to a man, you know...
SJS: *stares daggers*
TEN: ...oops.

– I also fell to thinking about what has been revealed so far about the Torchwood series set-up, which is apparently that Jack has returned to modern-day Earth to hang around on the Cardiff time rift, in the hope that he'll find the Doctor again. And since Jack is reportedly coming back for Series 3, this tactic presumably works in the long run. Which means that, in a sense, Jack gets the big romantic reunion a lot sooner than poor Sarah Jane did. Hee.

Back in the real world, there won't be a Sunday Six per se today, but there may be a Sunday Something later, depending on my mood, my muse and my almost insatiable capacity for bad television....
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