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Slouching towards Cardiff city centre

Last week I failed to comment on the fact that Burn Gorman from Bleak House had been cast in Torchwood. Nonetheless, this is very promising news, and to celebrate it, this gratuitous icon commemorates another little-known Bleak House/Who crossover moment.

Still on things down and dirty and Welsh, this interview with John Barrowman contains a couple of teasing Torchwood morsels that you may not yet have heard.

Quoth the admirable Mr Barrowman about Captain Jack's role in the show's set-up:

"I'm trying to find the Doctor. Because there is something that the viewing public won't know yet, there's something about Jack that nobody knows. And he needs the Doctor."

Oh, so Jack needs the Doctor, does he? Well, frankly we all need the Doctor. We need him just like we needed that second slice of chocolate gateau. And the third slice too. However, we just have to come to terms with the traumatic fact that we can't have him. Perhaps Jack should try to get over it like everyone else. But look! Here comes the entire population of Cardiff to "distract" him from his angst. And look, they've brought the family-size tub of banana yogurt! Hoorah!

But anyway, even if one interprets "needs" in a non-pervy sense, this is a naughty little temptress of a fact that makes me rub my hands together in anticipation. What is going on? Is this going to tie in with Jack's being left behind in TPoW? Is it something to do with his two-year memory gap? Has he simply left his lucky pants in the TARDIS and is unable to pull without them? Has he got something stuck somewhere and simply needs a sympathetic medical professional to remove it?? Frankly, the public needs to know...
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