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It is a strange lonely world when you are GOOD

For the Sunday Something this week, I thought I'd try something a bit different... I've cleaned my flat instead. And errm, that's it. Creativity takes different forms, that's all I can say. Sorry. The flat's lovely and clean, though. You could eat your dinner off it. Well, off certain wipe-clean surfaces within it, anyway.

And now some Doctor Who. What can I say about Rise of the Cybermen? Well, in the last series of Top Gear, Jeremy Clarkson famously reviewed the BMW 3 series by saying that there was nothing to say about it; it was basically just "15 foot of car". Now, in many ways this week's episode just felt like 45 minutes of Doctor Who to me. But given the stresses of recent weeks, that's actually not a bad thing. There probably could have been more actual Cybermen in it, and Trigger/Lumic/Barty's dad was very silly and overacted like mad, but overall it was something of a relief to just watch a plain old episode with little associated stress. Let's hope next week's instalment stays relatively painless. I don't think my nerves could cope with much more.

*pauses for a moment to wish that Jeremy Clarkson would write DW reviews, because they would be ACE beyond the dreams of mortal man.*

Meanwhile, an honorary YAY goes out to half-naked Mickey. Admittedly, he doesn't do it for me personally, but I am all in favour of gratuitous displays of well-toned male flesh and shall support them wherever I may find them, so well done that man. Also, memo to Mr Tennant: you DO realize that this means you MUST disrobe at some future date, do you hear me? It's clearly obligatory; you CANNOT count yourself as a proper member of the Doctor Who boys' club unless you get your kit off for the lasses. Go on, man, do it for Britain....
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