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I am the Lordi of all Cybermen...

Again, apologies for the lack of Sunday Sixing or Somethinging (is that a word? It is now) – I've been away for the weekend, engaging in alcohol-fuelled appreciation of the glitteringly camp smorgasbord that is the pan-European musical scene. As for the results of the evening, all I have to say is viva Finlandia, all hail the Day of Rockoning, and the entertainment value of men in zombie masks holding up little signs saying "We *heart* you" cannot be underestimated.

And now, the obligatory comments on Doctor Who: The Age of Steel or as I like to call it, Carry On Up The Cyber. Again, this was a fairly straightforward episode but there were plenty of nice little touches in it (alas for poor brave Mrs Moore!). Shame that the Cybermen were sponsored by the Ministry for Silly Walks, though. As a resurrected baddie, they've come off a lot worse than the Daleks – they might as well have been any old villain, for all the difference it made. (Though I did let out a little continuity hooray for the Van Statten reference.)

I didn't know in advance that Mickey was departing but it was a nicely rounded way for him to do so, with the acknowledgment that he was gay needed on the parallel earth in a way that he wasn't in the TARDIS, and that he'd much rather grow himself a pair and head off to have big gay adventures in a van with a blond Geordie boy liberate Paris like a righteous booze-cruiser. (One only hopes they remembered to stop off at his nan's house to fix her stair-carpet on the way to Paris, n'est-ce pas?)

I only hope we see some emotional continuity now with Rose growing up a bit now that Mickey's not around as a spare prop to her ego anymore. If there's any justice or decent writing in the world, it ought to have an interesting effect on her relationship with We Know Who. But it's all a bit in the lap of the gods writers, and since things seem to get chopped and changed and ignored at whim nowadays, we might just get another bout of silly whimsy next. Hmm. And I'm still antsy about Ten, but I think he's growing on me, especially when he's being quiet. When he gets shouty on people's asses... hmm, not so convinced. But I'm being patient here. Really patient. Yes.

On the side of optimism, however, I did really like the visiting-Jackie epilogue, because it implied the kind of emotionally satisfying linking scene that we don't often get to see and fanficcers therefore have to invent. Even if all that happened was that they got back in the TARDIS, Rose said "I need to see my real mum now" and the Doctor just took her there, you know as a dead cert that those things happened off screen, and there's something very right and neat about that.

And now an update from my hormones: we don't generally get excited about tuxedos, so DJ!Doctor didn't do a great deal for us, but when they lost the bow tie and showed us Open-Collar!Doctor, we happily dribbled all the way home....

Next week, Maureen Lipman attempts to take over the world. A splendid development, surely?
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