Red Scharlach (redscharlach) wrote,
Red Scharlach

Lovely things that I covet but cannot possess (drat)

Lovely Thing 1
I got a text from my brother tonight, saying that he was in the same room as Christopher Eccleston. They were both at a Richard Hawley gig in Manchester. Did my brother offer to kidnap Christopher Eccleston and keep him in a box for me until my next birthday or whenever is most convenient for me to collect him? Did he bog-roll. My brother is rubbish...

Lovely Thing 2
Just to show that I am an equal-opportunity lecher, here's David Tennant's pinstriped bottom. Delightfully pert, wouldn't you say? And it's as good an excuse as any for a few comments about The Idiot's Lantern. Well, that was a sweet little episode, I thought. Ten/Tennant is getting better at the shouty bits, I think (although frankly he's never going to be as scary at it as Mr E, but then again, who is?) and Rose was top stuff this week; back to her stroppy-yet-sensible self, which was very pleasing to see. Maureen Lipman made a very peculiar baddie, but it looked like she was having a laugh. I'm most entertained by the revelation that Jackie Tyler is a Cliff fan who does favours for sailors (hmm, that should come as a surprise to approximately nobody). My favourite little bit: the Betamax tape with the crossed-out Gallifreyan scribbling on it. (My bet is, it actually says "Carry On Cleo Camping Up The Khyber".) And just to finish, my hormones wish to chip in and say they are SO with the quiff plus tongue-action combo, thankyouverymuch....

Lovely Thing 3
Specially for the people who neither know nor care about Doctor Who, it's a bout of gratuitous fluffiness.

This is Eglington the cat. He belongs to my friends Tony and Laura. He is very, very fluffy.

Tags: crumpet, doctor who, fluffy things
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